„Apallic Decay rose from the depths of Hades in 2016 and have been carrying apallic decay into the world ever since. A mixture of Black/Death with progressive influences brings a versatile program to the stage and contributes intensively and sustainably to build up the neck muscles.“

Founded in 2016 by Fabian Wüst (Ex Dawn of Anger, Ex Tridentifer), an interesting mix of death metal riffing and progressive melodic parts developed under influences such as Enslaved, Dark Fortress, Lamb of God, Opeth and many more. Together with vocalist Anselm Vogler, this style got a good portion of black metal in the vocals, which altogether creates a powerful, varied mood. The intense shredding is rounded off by various creative solos.


Founded in 2016, the first demo First Blood was recorded on our own. Although the demo was not in studioquality (typical homerecording), it already gives a good insight into the band’s repertoire.

In 2017 Tim Bakarnowitz (rhythm guitar), Noah Welter (drums) and Christian Persohn completed the lineup. This was followed by performances at the Deathmetal Invasion Festival (KL) with Betrayal and IM Nail, 2018 Studio 30 (SB) with MEMBRAN, and the Thirsty Thursday Winter Festival (Uni KL), among others.

In 2019 Tim and Noah left the band. Short time after a new faces joined on bass guitar Fabio Münchschwander, Thorben Müller on rhythm guitar and Till Hansen. Performances followed at Extreme Metal Invasion II with Fusion Bomb and HEREZA, at Ried & Loud Heavy Metal Festival with Revelation Steel, and at WMF X with Arctic Winter and Hammersmith. Summer 2019 also the recording of the first studio-quality EP RETURN OF THE UNHALLOWED started.

In 2020, however, there was another lineup change. Mendy Wüst has since taken over the rhythm guitar.

06 September 2020 „Return of the Unhallowed“ was released.

May 2023 Mendy Wüst left the band and was replaced by Niels Elbeshausen on rhythm guitar.