First Blood

  1. Awakening – 01:25
  2. Debauchery Unleashed – 03:23
  3. The new Age – 04:06
  4. Lifeless Walkers – 03:14
  5. Veil of Oblivion – 03:37
  6. Fleshcrawl – 02:57

„First Blood“ is the Debut – EP of Apallic Decay. Produced by ourselves, in endless hours and days of hard´n heavy work! Released in April 2017.

Many Thanks to all those who inspired us, to all Supporters, Friends and of course our Fans!

Special Thx to Oli and Heiko and all the other guys of the K-Town Death/Metal-Scene for all those years of insane Music, true Inspiration and the unbroken, overwhelming Power of their Metal-Spirit!